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Learn The Facts About Sonic Wave Therapy

Sep. 28th 2013

For many centuries, man has used sound to successfully heal a variety of medical problems.

Even in modern times, sound has proven to be a power healing tool in the medical industry.

Read on to find out how modern medicine utilizes sound for healing.

Many scientific research studies confirm that infrared, consciousness altering audio and ultrasound have healing properties that can benefit patients in a variety of ways.

Many physicians use therapeutic ultrasound to serve many different medical functions, including ridding the body of bacteria, cleaning teeth, treating cancerous tumors, eliminating kidney stones, and removing fat with liposuction.

The medical industry is experience new developments in sound therapy, including sonic wave therapy.

Medical professionals can use sound to alter brainwave patterns in a beneficial way.

Brainwave entrainment can improve the patient’s life in a number of ways, but one of the most beneficial is by inducing a deep meditation that is safe, easy, quick and very pleasurable.

Individuals experience many advantages from meditation.

It is possible to experience sound healing at home.

We provide a way for individuals to do this. EquiSync utilizes our research results in multi-layered sound therapy to provide brainwave entrainment and the ideal equilibrium of frequencies to aid the mind in reaching a state of superior function while altering brainwave states by providing beneficial brainwave patterns of Delta, Theta, Alpha and meditation.

Using EquiSync to alter your brainwave patterns allows you to improve intellectual capacity, mood, emotion, thoughts, biological chemistry and more. You can join the multiple thousands of users located in countries all around the world who have already found success with this sound therapy.

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Look And Feel Better With Endermologie

Sep. 4th 2013

Endermology, or Endermologie, is an FDA approved method that stimulates the skin and its underlying cells to bring about multiple benefits, including reduced cellulite, smoother skin tone, and less waste products in the muscles. Individuals who have undergone Endermologie can see and feel visible results. The results are so remarkable that the FDA has approved the claim of cellulite reduction.

The technique, developed almost 30 years ago, uses rollers and suction to apply a deep massage. It was originally created to treat the scars and rigid skin of burn victims. In time, the visibly reduced appearance of cellulite was discovered in patients who had received the treatment. First used in France, and now patented in the United States, it is a noninvasive body treatment that provides a notable difference, with no recovery period.

With hard exercise, the muscles sometimes cannot get all of the oxygen they need to perform at full capacity. Sometimes athletes and fitness buffs experience “the burn” of muscles during a heavy work out. This burn is caused by an excess level of lactic acid in the muscle tissue that has built up due to insufficient oxygen levels. It is difficult, if not impossible to continue under this circumstance as the muscles become less efficient and fail to work at full capacity.

Endermologie tenders a host of benefits. It increases blood circulation, which boosts the removal of waste through the lymph nodes. Fewer toxins in the body mean increased energy and less likelihood for muscle pain and twinges. In addition to these unseen benefits, there are cosmetic pluses that have added to the popularity of this technique. The loss of waste from the treated cells, particularly fat cells, means they are reduced in size. Smaller fat cells means less cellulite and a more even skin tone.

While the results of Endermologie do not last forever, patients begin with two to three sessions a week and may slowly taper off their treatments until they have reached a once a month maintenance level. It is the perfect solution for an active individual who works hard at maintaining his or her physical well being, but has reached a point where nothing seems to help specific problem areas. Endermologie will give them the final assistance they need to look and feel their best.

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