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Massage Therapy

Therapy for Mind, Body & Spirit.

Massage therapy, also known as Swedish massage, is a main component of our healing and wellness practice.

At the Center of Medical Arts, we employ massage therapy to improve circulation by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues. The end result includes:

  • Relief from muscle tension and pain
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Clears your system of lactic acid and other waste, which further reduces pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints

Practical Applications of Massage Therapy.

You’re a candidate for massage therapy if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Back pain
  • Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and tendinitis
  • Stresss-related conditions
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Muscle and related conditions such as spasms, strains and sprains

Does it Hurt?

At certain points during your massage, most people find there is usually some discomfort and pain.If that happens to you, please inform your CMA therapist, primarily because Massage Therapy SHOULDN’T Hurt…and yet, it’s helpful for us to understand your own personal comfort range.

Is Massage Therapy for Everyone?

Unfortunately, the answer is “no,” especially if:

  • You have an infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds
  • You’ve just had surgery
  • You’ve just completed a chemotherapy or radiation treatment, unless your doctor gives us the okay to administer a massage anyway
  • You’re prone to blood clots

Pregnant women should also check with your doctor first.

At CMA, we take every precaution, explain the entire procedure and its value to you in advance, and give you the very best in professional massage healing and wellness…just as we do with all of our services.

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