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About Us

“An Unobstructed View.”

There’s medicine, and there’s healing.

There are cures, and there are lifestyles centered on wellness.

Welcome to the Center of Medical Arts.

As founder and care provider, it is my personal goal to make every client and patient of ours a part of the solution or goal you choose to adopt…and not just the recipient of our skills, therapies, and advice.

We take an entirely proactive approach to helping live healthier, longer, and more comfortably. A pain-free existence, if you will, with the coping skills to better manage unavoidable stress and avoid unnecessary ailments.

From acupuncture to massage and physical therapy, we have the resources, training, skill and determination to help bring you to a better place. A place of wellness. Whether you’ve come to us for pain management, orthopedic or sports injury healing, or any other reason.

After all, isn’t that what brings you to us in the first place?

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